In Prince George’s County, a collision between a school bus and a motorbike resulted in the death of the biker.

At the intersection of Willow Way and Brandywine Road in Clinton, the motorbike was involved in a collision with the front of the school bus, which then caught fire. The front of the bus appeared to have been scorched in the footage from Chopper4.

Because the front door was blocked by flames, the three students on the bus, along with the driver, were only able to escape through the back door.

“It just happened out of nowhere. I was stunned, “ A young man, aged 16, divulged this information to News4 with his mother’s blessing.

When the accident took place, he was outside with his dog and only a few feet from his home.

“I just see a four-wheeler bike like go, and it was just going normal speed, right? And then I hear a motorcycle, another motorcycle, and I think, ‘Oh, there’s another motorcycle, they’re probably together.’ And then I see this motorcycle, and it’s going fast,” he said. “So, I see his front tire pop.”

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According to him, the rider plunged beneath the bus, and the bike followed close behind.

The residents managed to free themselves from the building without suffering any injuries. It is not entirely apparent which school the bus was transporting students to.

At the scene of the accident, the motorcyclist was pronounced deceased.