How Much Does Boarding School Cost? Do Boarding Schools Offer Financial Aid?

When they are in grades K–12, not every student goes to a school close to home. Instead, they go to schools called “boarding schools” by most people. Some boarding schools are well-known because of their prestigious names, while others are better known in their towns.

You might be wondering, “How much does boarding school cost?” We’ll answer that question and give you an overview of boarding schools in general. Let’s get started!

Do You Have to Pay for Boarding School?

Boarding School Cost
Boarding School Cost

Most boarding schools charge tuition as well as fees for room and board. In the end, the price of boarding school depends on several things, such as:

  • Location
  • Type of boarding school
  • How much financial aid support do you receive

How Much Does Boarding School Cost?

  • Five-day boarding schools charge an average of $33,140 per year for tuition.
  • Seven-day boarding schools charge an average of $37,590 per year for tuition.

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Do Boarding Schools Offer Financial Aid?

Most boarding schools have options for students with less money. Here are some examples of how most boarding schools can help with money.

Financial Assistance

Students from low-income families usually get financial help from boarding schools based on how much they need it. If you want to find out about financial aid options, contact the boarding school you want and ask for their office of financial assistance.

Merit Awards

Some boarding schools give merit or scholarships to students who do well in school or have special skills. These scholarships are hard to get, but if you have excellent grades or are talented in some way, you should look into merit scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

Most boarding schools don’t usually give athletic scholarships. There are, however, a few exceptions for outstanding athletes. Students and their parents should look into specific schools based on the sport(s) they want to play.

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