What is Boarding School? What Are the Two Main Categories of Boarding Schools?

So, what is boarding school exactly? Before we discuss the different kinds of boarding schools, let’s talk about what a boarding school is. Most of the time, a school where students can live on campus is called a “boarding school.”

Most of the time, students at these schools must do more to prepare for life after school. Keep in mind that some boarding schools also take students who only go to school during the day.

If you live close by and want your child to attend the program without living on campus, the school might let you do that. Day students who attend boarding school can participate in a wide range of weekend activities and make friends with people from all over the world.

What Are the Two Main Categories of Boarding Schools?

What is Boarding School
What is Boarding School

There are two main types of boarding schools: those that offer therapy and those that prepare students for college (or college prep). The goal of therapeutic boarding schools is to give young people the mental tools and support they need to stop doing things that hurt them.

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The goal of boarding schools that prepare students for college is to prepare them. Students at these schools must finish a curriculum that meets the requirements for getting into college.

These schools offer high-level classes like Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment so that students can learn the skills, work ethic, and study habits they will need for college.

Most boarding schools help students prepare for college, so the rest of this article will talk about the three main college prep models and how they help students learn.

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