Chicago News Roundup: After-School Shootings Climb, Black Restaurant Week Begins, And More

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A.J. Davis slapped hands with a friend he nicknamed Lil’ Mike after school on a snowy Tuesday in February last year. A.J. while Lil’ Mike took the opposite route.

A.J. arrived home. Michael Brown, a 15-year-old buddy of his, didn’t.

Less than two blocks separate Michael’s school, the Chicago Military Academy in Bronzeville on the South Side, from where he was shot and died.

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“For the two months after that, it was just stuck on sadness,” A.J. said. “And it was a reality check for us. We must watch our backs, and we can’t be kids anymore.

“Like we’re not even safe at school. We can’t even walk to school and come back home. Like, dang.”

Michael was killed before A.J. claimed that he was aware that Chicago might be deadly, particularly for young Black men and teenagers.

But he claimed it was different to feel like “ducks, simply waiting to be shot” when a shooting occurred so close to the school and just after students had left for the day.

There haven’t been many fatal shootings of students near a school as they head home, even in a large city like Chicago, where gun violence is common.

However, there was an increase over the past year, which peaked on December 16 when four students were shot outside the Pilsen neighborhood’s Benito Juarez Community Academy High School during the afternoon dismissal, killing two.

According to a WBEZ/Chicago Sun-Times review of gunshot records and media stories of shootings during the last ten years, nine youngsters aged 17 or younger were killed on a weekday between 2 and 4:49 p.m.

That does not include the shooting outside Schurz High School, which gravely injured a teen, or a 17-year-old Kenwood Academy student’s death while on his lunch break.

The worst year for homicides in the ten years before 2022 was 2016, when six children were murdered.

According to the WBEZ/Sun-Times investigation, there were three homicides of children aged 17 and under annually between 2012 and 2021 on average.

Because children in Illinois under 17 must attend school, WBEZ and the Sun-Times concentrated on this age group.

The total number of shootings, including both deadly and nonfatal, increased somewhat from the previous year.

It is challenging to keep track of nonfatal shootings involving minors, some of whom would have died had the bullet struck differently.

However, within two blocks of a school, 41 gunshot events in 2022 involved youngsters 19 and younger and often several victims. Police classify shooting victims by age group; they do not identify them by name or age.

For children aged 19 and younger, this was the second-highest number of nonfatal gunshots over the previous ten years. In 2016, there were more gunshot events.

Officials from Chicago Public Schools claim that they are developing strategies to stop the violence. Leaders believe that the high levels of gun violence in Chicago and across the country, rather than anything new, are to blame for what is happening in schools.

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