In Connection With A Threat At Sherman High School, Two Pupils Were Arrested

Houston, Texas Following a threat that put Sherman High School on “secure” status on Wednesday, two pupils were detained.

According to a press statement from Sherman ISD, a woman called the SISD central office on Wednesday at about 2 p.m. and claimed that her son was headed to SHS and meant to hurt the campus.

According to the district, the threat was immediately addressed by their police department, personnel, administration, Sherman Police, Grayson County deputies, and DPS troopers. Although the campus was being watched over and searched, all doors remained locked.

In Connection With A Threat At Sherman High School, Two Pupils Were Arrested

“Well I would just say, you know, talk to your kids at home,” Heath Wester, the police chief for Sherman ISD, said. “Be engaged with them, make them understand the consequences of their actions. Because, when you make calls like this, we are going to have to get involved.”

Two female Sherman High School students were detained after an investigation by the Sherman ISD Police Department, one of which the police claim was the caller. According to Chief Wester, the pupils were seen on a surveillance camera making the call.

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“School safety is so serious right now,” Wester said. “This is just a threat you can not make, whether you think it’s a joke or not, it’s not a joke, because we take it seriously.”

Both students are accused of making terroristic threats, and if found guilty, they could each spend up to 10 years in prison.

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