Armed Experts Re-enact Parkland Shooting for Lawsuit Validation!

To gather evidence for a lawsuit, gun experts shot live rounds inside a Florida school to re-enact a 2018 mass sh00ting.

Families of that ki!!ed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is suing a school security officer who remained outside throughout the sh00ting.

Outside, shots fired inside the school were recorded to determine whether the police heard the gunshots. The structure will be demolished in the following months.

One of the deadliest school sh00tings in US history occurred on February 14, 2018. Seventeen individuals were ki!!ed, and 17 were injured.

Scot Peterson, a school office officer who previously worked for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, is now being sued in a civil case brought by parents for failing to protect the children.

The video shows the armed school security officer standing outside the facility, never entering, while calling various law enforcement authorities.

In June, a jury cleared Mr. Peterson of 11 charges, including felony child maltreatment, culpable carelessness, and perjury, in a criminal trial.

Armed Experts Re-enact Parkland Shooting for Lawsuit Validation

It was the first time in the United States that a criminal trial for a school security officer’s actions during a mass sh00ting was held.

Why is the Attαck Being Re-enacted?

Mr. Peterson stated that he couldn’t hear some of the bullets or tell where they were fired from. He later said that he would have responded differently if he had known where the attαck occurred in the three-story building.

On Friday, acoustics and ballistics experts fired 140 live rounds into a safety device from the same portion of the building where the attαck occurred, using the identical high-caliber rifle used by the assailant.

Although the bar of proof is lower in civil trials, the judge presiding over the case has yet to rule on whether the audio evidence acquired on Friday would be admissible at trial.

The school campus is closed for the summer, and residents have been warned of the re-enactment. A group of members from Congress examined the site ahead of the drill, which has remained virtually unchanged since the attαck.

They entered the premises using the same door that the gunman had used. In a subsequent news conference, one congressman described the tour as a “out-of-body experience.”

According to reporters inside, the building is littered with bloodstains, broken glass, bullet holes, and Valentine’s Day cards.

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Mr. Peterson’s lawyer, Michael Piper, told Reuters that many witnesses in his client’s criminal case heard bullets from all over campus.

According to him, victims’ relatives are currently organizing “a video and audio-recorded, choreographed re-enactment to counter the testimony of the people who were there that day.”

Max Schachter, whose 14-year-old son Alex was ki!!ed in the attαck, is participating in the tour and re-enactment.

According to CNN, he stated at a press conference on Friday that he hopes the politicians’ visit will push them to take action to avoid future school sh00tings. “I’m terrified. “I’m nervous,” he admitted before the simulation.

“Of course, I’ll be here, and it’ll just remind me of what Alex was going through, what all of the victims were going through.”

“It will be frightening, but we hope the re-enactment will persuade a jury that there is no way the school resource deputy heard only two or three shots when 70 went off in that building.”

Last year, the gunman, who was 19 at the time of the incident, pled guilty and was sentenced to life in pr!son with no chance of release.

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