Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Mesa High School Student

Arizona’s MESA — In around three weeks, Jeremiah Aviles was scheduled to graduate from high school. His family is compelled to organize his funeral rather than the party.

Senior at Red Mountain High School, 18-year-old Aviles was killed on Sunday, and another student has been detained on suspicion of having a hand in his killing.

After responding to reports of a gunshot, Mesa police discovered the teen dead inside a house that was not his own near Gilbert Road and University Drive.

Mesa police reported that they had detained 18-year-old Peter Clabron III for allegedly shooting Aviles on Thursday.

Aviles supposedly played football for his school.

Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Mesa High School Student

“We mourn the loss of Jeremiah’s beautiful spirit and honor his life in the days ahead,” the school’s football team wrote.

What We Know About Aviles’ De@th

According to Mesa police, the student-athlete was slain while visiting the house. There were friends and family in the area when the incident occurred.

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Aviles, Clabron, and a fourth person were in a bedroom in the house. Before bullets were fired, Clabron is seen on film, according to the police, reportedly pointing a gun toward Aviles numerous times.

“He had his whole life ahead of him,” said neighbor Alex Myer. “It’s sad to hear; it was heartbreaking.”

Two homes separate Myer’s house from the high school student’s murder scene. Aviles was unknown to him.

I heard about two gunshots. It sounded like fireworks… all of a sudden, I heard sirens about five minutes later. I thought it was all on a different street. I came out here and there were just cops everywhere in front of my house,” Myer said.

Around 2 a.m., police showed up at the house.

“I heard at one point the cops telling the teens on the street that he gasped, so he [was] breathing,” Myer said. “[Medics] went in the home with a stretcher, but they brought it out empty.”

Aviles was pronounced dead on the spot.

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According to court documents, before a witness notified authorities that Clabron was handling the gun when it discharged, Clabron allegedly accused someone else of shooting Aviles. Clabron reportedly appeared “surprised” to the witness when the gun was fired.

According to the police, Clabron is accused of manslaughter and illegal firearm discharge.

Remembering Jeremiah Aviles

The 18-year-old is recalled as having a lovely attitude and a caring heart.

His relatives posted pictures of Aviles when he was younger, grinning and laughing.

His classmates decorated the parking space at Aviles’ school. They painted it white and sky blue. They left flowers, handwritten notes, and his jersey number (24).

On Wednesday, the school’s football team and his family plan to conduct a vigil to remember Aviles.

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