Concerned Brownsburg Mother Disturbed By Son’s School’s Mistreatment

INDIA: BROWNSBURG A mother from Brownsburg said she is anxious about the circumstances surrounding the abuse of a 7-year-old kid at her son’s school.

Because her child is enrolled in the same life skills course as the student at the core of the lawsuit Brownsburg Schools is facing, the lady requested anonymity when speaking with 13News.

“He had the teacher, the aide and his speech pathologist all removed immediately from his team,” she said, “which is completely understandable. But when it comes to kids with autism, it’s really hard when they have big changes like that.”


Concerned Brownsburg Mother Disturbed By Son's School's Mistreatment
She claimed that she still gets emotional just thinking about the alleged occurrence.

“Knowing that that child was sitting underneath a camera the entire time and it went so long without being recognized or even called out upon is what really got us,” the mother said. posted this Tweet last month: ReTweeted Kris Jarosinki “They should not only be fired but prosecuted as well!”

The parent who talked with 13News believes that the student’s family should sue the school district for failing to report the abuse and abuse that occurred.

“I hope that the outcome is everything they want and everything that their little boy deserves,” she said.

The parents of the claimed abuse victim claim in the lawsuit that after enrolling their child in Sarah Seymour’s class, they saw a shift in their child’s conduct.

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The mother who talked with 13News claimed that she had also noticed behavioral changes in her child.

“He began to hate school. He would cry going into school. Anytime he would see her face on his AAC device, he would start crying,” she said.

The mother claimed she was at the Tuesday meeting, where administrators apologized and addressed issues. She admitted that she still worries whenever her child boards a bus.

“As soon as he gets off the bus and I know he’s at school, it’s just straight panic for me,” she said.

The mother stated that she feels someone must speak up, which is why she wants to do so.

“My kid, their kids … they don’t have voices. We are their voices and someone needs to stand up for them, and that’s exactly what we are doing,” she said.

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