Following a report of a person on the campus carrying a “long gun” that turned out to be an airsoft p!stol, Bowie High School was placed under a nearly three-hour lockdown on Wednesday, as confirmed by the police.

No one was hurt, and there were no reports of g*ns being fired, but the report prompted a significant police response and the closure of some roadways around the school.

At 12:45 p.m., the Bowie Police Department received a complaint regarding someone carrying a “long gun” at the Bowie Branch Library, located next to the high school.

Bowie High School Placed On Lockdown Following Report Of Individual With A Long Gun

However, when they got to the library, they learned someone may have fled the scene in a dark-colored car. When they watched the security footage, they saw a man with “some type of long gun” wearing a white shirt and black jeans, as reported by the police.

The high school received a second report that the individual may have hidden inside the building. Students at the school were taking cover inside at the moment. Police investigated Bowie High but could not locate the suspect on the campus.

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The suspect was captured Wednesday shortly after 3 p.m., a short distance away from the school, as confirmed by the police, who said they were able to identify him from the CCTV tape.

Authorities report that the juvenile suspect was not carrying a weapon when he was taken into custody.

The reported weapon was later found by police, who discovered it to be an airsoft p!stol that “closely resembles a long gun,” as stated by authorities.

At 3:40 p.m., the lockdown was removed, and kids were released shortly after.

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During the lockdown, few facts were disclosed, which prompted parents and locals to ask school and police officials online when they saw a helicopter circling the area.

Bowie High Principal Joseph Kautzer stated in a letter to parents on Wednesday night that numerous police agencies attended the school during the prolonged lockdown to thoroughly check the facility and surrounding area.

He said a crisis team, security, and law enforcement would be at the school on Thursday.

Investigators collaborating with the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office state that charges are forthcoming.