Police Conduct Search At Eastpointe High School For Weapon

Police announced Wednesday afternoon that they were searching Eastpointe High School for a firearm. This prompted media speculations that a sh00ter might be nearby as worried parents and students awaited further information.

Eastpointe police confirmed that no sh00ter was present at the time, no rounds were fired, and no one was hurt.

Along with blocking Couzens Avenue, police had also sealed off a popular section of Gratiot that ran past the school.

While waiting inside their cars, parents like Angela Hughes got updates.

Police Conduct Search At Eastpointe High School For Weapon

Hughes, an Eastpointe resident of 13 years, claimed that her daughter Taleah Butler, 17, was sending her text messages. Hughes continued by stating that her junior daughter had informed her that she could hear police officers inside the school.

“I’m nervous, but I’m walking with my faith,” Hughes stated. “I know I’m going to have to calm her down.”

Hughes claimed Butler’s class was scheduled for a movie day as Eastpointe prepared to wrap up the academic year. Facebook parents also lamented that the school year is about to end in postings and comments.

Check out the tweet WWJ 950 has shared about the same incident:

Ty-jaya Knott, her 15-year-old granddaughter, called Kathleen Dancy, who had just done grocery shopping, seemed anxious. Ty-jaya was about to leave the school when Dancy stood outside and watched.

Dancy called Ty-jaya and said, “I’ll be out here,” while a group of parents and carers waited. She advised the adolescent to concentrate on her summer plans, graduation, and picking up her younger brother from school after the call.

“This stuff is more nerve-wrecking than you can imagine,” she says.

Four yellow school buses arrived at Couzens at 2:15 p.m., and some pupils slowly started to file on.

“That’s a good sign,” Dancy stated.

A pupil’s parent at the school allegedly claimed on social media that a clip was found. However, it was not apparent if there were any rounds or a g*n.

In a report from WWJ-AM (760), William Dwyer, the commissioner of the Warren Police Department, stated that his officers supported Eastpointe police “after a suspect with a gun was reported inside the school,” and armed policemen had surrounded the structure.

Police stated that the deputy chief should provide additional information soon.

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