Brockton Public Schools Mourns Death Of 14-Year-Old Student In Shooting

BROCKTON, Mass — A Brockton man accused of shooting and injuring his girlfriend and fatally shooting his stepson early Tuesday morning has been held without bail, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz has announced.

Shortly after the incident, Justelino Resende, 38, of Brockton, located him at 229 Grafton Street and took him into custody.

A 911 caller reported a shooting at 93 Tribou Street at around 1:55 in the morning to Brockton Police. The family’s Brockton home.

Officers arrived and discovered Felicia Cepeda Williams, 39, and Nehemiah Cepeda, 14, both with apparent gunshot wounds.

Brockton Public Schools Mourns Death Of 14-Year-Old Student In Shooting

The teenager was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. His mother was taken to Boston Medical Center, where she remained for treatment as of Tuesday morning.

The prosecutor testified that Resende and the female victim had a long, on-again, off-again romantic relationship. They got into a fight early Tuesday morning. At that point, the prosecutor said, Resende pulled a gun.

Resende allegedly attempted to shoot at his girlfriend’s daughter but missed. According to the prosecutor, Resende shot his girlfriend twice, critically injuring her. The prosecutor said another round was fired, hitting and killing the girlfriend’s son while asleep.

Nehemiah Cepeda, a Brockton Therapeutic Day School student and a ninth-grade student in the Brockton Public Schools, passed away.

“Our hearts go out to the student’s family and loved ones as they process this unthinkable loss,” said Brockton Superintendent Mike Thomas.

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“The Office of Student Support Services is working directly with the school’s principal and counselors to provide social and emotional support to the student’s classmates,” Thomas added.

Resende pleaded not guilty to one count each of Murder and Possession of a Firearm and two counts of Assault with an Attempt to Murder. He was held without bail.

Resende is next scheduled to appear in court on April 27.

This incident is being looked into by the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office, Brockton Police, and the Massachusetts State Police.

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