Chicago School Incident: 5 Harvard Elementary Students Hospitalized For Mar*juana Use

CHICAGO — Officials from the Chicago Fire Department and the Chicago Police Department stated on Wednesday that five pupils from the Harvard Elementary School in the Grand Crossing neighborhood were hospitalized after consuming mar*juana.

Per a spokeswoman for the Chicago Fire Department, paramedics arrived at the school at 7525 S. Harvard Ave. at approximately 1:50 p.m. They transported six students aged 9 to 10 to local hospitals for “reasons related to drug use.”

Chicago School Incident: 5 Harvard Elementary Students Hospitalized For Marijuana Use

Five pupils between the ages of 9 and 10 were seen “laughing uncontrollably” after consuming mar*juana through a vape pen, according to a person who works for the police department who spoke with ABC7. This led to the police being called to the school.

ABC 7 Chicago shared the same news and statement on its Twitter Handle:

One of the students took the vape pen to school today and shared it with four of their pals, The source who works for the police department. The authority provided this information.

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To check on the health of the youngsters, two of them were brought to St. Bernard, while the other three were taken to Comer Youngsters’ Hospital.

As per the source, they were fine and could enter the ambulances. In the source within the police department, they are in healthy shape.

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