Defying School Rules: Colorado Teen Proudly Wears Mexican And US Flag Sash At Graduation

Colorado’s PARACHUTE –A student from Colorado who had been told she couldn’t wear a sash with the Mexican and American flags on it to her high school graduation still did so while partially hiding it with another strap that symbolized her involvement in a volunteer organization.

After collecting her diploma on Saturday in the west-central Colorado town of Parachute, Grand Valley High School alumna Naomi Pea Villasano advised readers of the Glenwood Springs, Colorado, newspaper, “Always stand up for what you believe in.”

The most recent argument in the United States on the type of cultural graduation apparel permitted at commencement ceremonies is the Pea Villasano case.

Defying School Rules: Colorado Teen Proudly Wears Mexican And US Flag Sash At Graduation

Pea Villasano took school officials to court when they threatened to prevent her from participating in graduation ceremonies if she wore the sash with the stars and colors on one side and the Mexican flag’s cactus, eagle, and snake on the other.

The school district may forbid Pea Villasano from donning the sash at graduation, a federal judge determined on Friday.

9News Denver shared the same incident on its Twitter handle:

Nobody attempted to stop Pea Villasano from crossing the stage to accept her diploma even though a gold Key Club International partially hid her flag sash.

As per school administrators, individual sashes are not permitted at graduation “to protect the symbolic traditions that signify the graduates’ academic accomplishments and services to the community. Each stole, cord or pin worn over the graduate’s gown symbolizes academic honors, school-sponsored activities, and military enlistment,” the statement from the institution.

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Before the Class of 2024 graduates in the spring of 2019, the district claims to be reevaluating its graduation sash policy.

Similar disputes have occurred throughout the United States during graduation season.

After being told she couldn’t wear a dress to the graduation ceremony at her Mississippi high school, a transgender student skipped it this year.

A Native American graduate in Oklahoma filed a lawsuit this month against a school system for plucking a feather from her cap before the graduation ceremony in 2022. The feather was a precious religious object.

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