Increasing Presence Of Ghost G*ns On South Bay School Campuses Raises Concerns

Ghost g*n use has skyrocketed in the United States over the past five years, and there is growing concern that children are joining in.

One day after a kid was arrested for carrying a loaded ghost p!stol to campus, San Jose police officers were on foot patrol. They circled the perimeter of Willow Glen High School to assuage worries.

“This isn’t supposed to happen to kids at school. It’s supposed to be safe here,”  a parent said. “This is something you don’t expect your kids to call you, that they’re on the ground and blocking doors in school. This should not happen.”

Hoover Middle School pupils in San Jose and Central High School students in Morgan Hill were also detained in late April for having firearms on school grounds.

Increasing Presence Of Ghost G*ns On South Bay School Campuses Raises Concerns

One was a so-called “ghost gun” because it lacked a serial number and could not be easily traced.

“It’s getting frustrating, it’s getting scary. All these feelings that you’re scared to send your kid to school not knowing if they’re going to come back safe,” the parent said.

NBC Bay Area shared a tweet about the same incident. You can read it below.

On Thursday, many parents in Willow Glen kept their children home from school.

“It’s a completely terrifying combination,” said Marisa McKeown, supervising DA in Santa Clara County who has prosecuted many g*n crimes.

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She says the rise in reports of kids with ghost g*ns is deeply troubling.

“In general, ghost guns are a huge problem for our community. And it’s just tragic when they wind up in the hands of children. It’s understandable how children can get their hands on a ghost gun though because they’re so easy to come by,” she stated.

McKeown claimed that in 2015, five cases involving “ghost guns” reached her office. This figure is projected to reach 300 by 2021.

“We all as a community need to hold hands together on this issue and say this is completely unacceptable,” she stated. “That children can so easily get their hands on ghost guns.”

The school counselors at Willow Glen High were also present all day, listening to the concerns of the students who showed up and attempting to make sense of the worrying trend.

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