Tragic Wheeling Cr@sh Claims Lives Of Four Students, Buffalo Grove High School Mourns

Ill., BUFFALO GROVE — Four students and a teacher from Buffalo Grove High School were m*rdered in a multiple-vehicle accident in Wheeling, and the school community is in sorrow.

On Thursday, hundreds of people visited the site of the tragedy to add their names to the expanding memorial. Many people hugged and talked about their friends who had passed away at school.

At 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, a de@dly collision occurred at the intersection of Dundee and Schoenbeck roads.

Jesus Rodriguez, 16, Kevin R. Hernandez-Teran, 17, Richard Delta, 18, Wheeling, and Ricky Barcenas, 17, of Arlington Heights, have been named the victims.

Tragic Wheeling Crash Claims Lives Of Four Students, Buffalo Grove High School Mourns

School District 214 reports that one youngster is still in the hospital.

The fundamental causes of the collision were high speeds and a failure to obey traffic signs.

Twitter page WGN TV News has posted the same incident on its Twitter handle. You must read.

“The pain has been almost unbearable the last couple of days,”  the BGHS Headmaster Jeff Wardle stated. “As you can see, we’re coming together. It’s an incredible community.”

Residents of Buffalo Grove also attended the memorial with students and faculty.

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“To see some of the young people crying and grieving, hopefully coming here will help this unfortunate situation,” Beth Hirsch stated.

When it crashed, Ricky Lorenzo, Brenda’s son, rode a shotg*n in the car.

WGN TV News posted a video about the incident on its Youtube channel. You also check.

“I miss him so much,” Lorenzo stated. “It’s so devastating. I just want to see him again and come back to my house and give me a hug and a kiss goodnight.”

Riding in another car behind her brother and his companions, Angelina Gomez immediately got out to help after the collision.

“My brother, he was still breathing so I tried opening the door,” Gomez stated. “I couldn’t. He was just there as if he was sleeping.”

The high school ceremony will take place next week. Professionals trained to assist those dealing with loss remain available.

The school had a fire, but classes will resume on Friday. On Thursday night, the board convened for an emergency meeting to discuss the blaze.

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