High School Student Arrested For Falsely Activating Fire Alarm

Georgia’s NEWTON COUNTY A 16-year-old Newton High School student was detained after police claimed he activated the fire alarm that caused the building to be evacuated.

According to deputies, someone also threatened to attack the school at some time during the evacuation. On Thursday, dozens of police enforcement personnel were using long rifles to search the facility at the school.

“This morning, threats were made to harm the students and staff at Newton High,” deputies said. “The school has been placed on a lockdown while law enforcement officials conduct a search of the building.”

Officers found no weapons or threatening objects within the structure. Nevertheless, after spending hours outside the facility, students were let leave early.

High School Student Arrested For Falsely Activating Fire Alarm

During the event, a pupil suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital.

According to deputies, the 16-year-old, who has not been named, is accused of reckless behavior, disorderly behavior, interrupting a public school, and relaying a false fire report. There are no charges against him in relation to the threats.

Deputies have not given a description of the threats, which have not resulted in any arrests.

Around 10:45 a.m., NewsChopper 2 flew above the area, and seemed like students were being allowed back into the building.

At Noon, Audrey Washington of Channel 2 was live at the scene for Channel 2 Action News, when she witnessed a convoy of school buses leave the parking lot.

Parents raced to the school to take up their children, creating a chaotic scene. Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown tried to pacify worried parents outside the school.

“There were no injuries. It was simply a threat,” Brown said. “Everybody is fine.”

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According to the sheriff’s office, two pupils were detained and are being questioned. It is unknown if they will be charged. No names of the students have been released.

Washington spoke with parents who had not yet calmed down.

Eric Cole, a parent, stated. After the slaughter at Uvalde, according to Robyn Davis, the situation was particularly ominous.

“My fear today was traumatic,” Davis said.

This is one of several incidents involving threats at schools this week. On Thursday morning, Sandy Creek High School officials found a loaded handgun in a student’s car.

On Wednesday, someone made a threat against Douglass High School in Atlanta. Police searched that school and found that there was no danger.

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