Irish Grinstead Cause of Death: What Happened To Legendary Singer?

In September of 2023, fans mourned the passing of Irish Grinstead, a cherished member of the platinum-selling R&B group 702. She has reached the age of 43.

The underlying cause was kidney failure, the same condition that resulted in her identical twin sister Orish’s passing in 2008, when she was only 27 years old and had only been afflicted with the disease for seven years.

The music business as a whole, as well as her devoted fanbase, is in mourning as they think back on the ground-breaking songs and contagious excitement she brought to the R&B scene in the late 1990s. In this post, we’ll delve into the Irish Grinstead Cause of Death.

Irish Grinstead Cause of Death

Irish Grinstead’s resolve was unshaken despite the fact that she was diagnosed with kidney failure at a young age. Despite having a kidney condition, she managed to rise to fame because of the number 702. In addition to this, she made efforts to educate people about the illness. In her later years, she had a decline in health that made it necessary for her to undergo dialysis on a consistent basis.

Here is a tweet about The BlackMusicHonor family extends our condolences to the family, friends, and fans of 702 member Irish Grinstead who had passed away. May she have eternal rest.”

The fact that she was placed on the waiting list for a kidney transplant offered some cause for optimism; but, destiny had other plans in store for her. Sadly, she did not survive long enough for a kidney donor to be identified before she passed away.

Key Events Details
Date of Death September 2023
Age 43
Cause of Death Kidney Failure
Twin Sister’s Death Orish Grinstead died in 2008, also from kidney failure
Legacy Member of 702; iconic R&B hits of the late 1990s
Public Announcement By Lemisha Grinstead on social media
Industry Reaction Tributes from major artists; outpouring of condolences

Irish Grinstead’s Sister’s Announcement

On the evening of September 17, Lemisha Grinstead, Irish’s sister, broke the terribly upsetting news to everyone that Irish had passed away. Not only did Lemisha’s heartfelt statement on social media communicate the depth of her profound sorrow, but it also carried on her fight for increasing awareness of kidney disease and organ donation.


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In addition, LeMisha remembers her warmly as a friend and fellow group member, and she often reflects on how much fun it was to play on stage with her. Then, as a conclusion to her obituary, she pleaded with readers to pray for the deceased person’s family and to give them their privacy as they grieved.

Irish Grinstead’s Musical Legacy

The importance of Irish to the development of the R&B genre in the late 1990s cannot be overstated. With 702, she gave the world-famous hits like “Where My Girls At” and “Get Over Yourself.” Her voice was a potent combination of emotion and fire, which made her a force to be reckoned with on stage. Because she was so committed to both her art and her audience, she served as an example for a lot of others.

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Who are the Members of 702 and When Was it Formed?

Irish Childs, Lemisha Childs, and Amelia Childs created the musical group 702 in the 1990s. Amelia Childs was the group’s lead singer at the time. The name of the girl group 702 comes from the area code of their hometown, which is 702 in Los Vegas, Nevada.

Irish Grinstead, Irish Grinstead, Amelia Cruz, Cree Le’More, and Tiffany Villarreal are among the people who had previously been a part of this band. Since it was first created in the 1990s, the group has gone through a number of lineup changes with the members of the group before finally disbanding in 2006.

When 702 was at the pinnacle of their success, the songs Stello, Where My Girls At, and Pootie Tangin were among the ones that brought them the most fame. The ensemble was put forth for consideration for a number of accolades at a variety of award ceremonies, including the BET accolades and the American Music Awards.

Irish Grinstead Cause of Death
Irish Grinstead Cause of Death

To be more specific, 702 was considered for the award of Favorite Soul/R&B New Artist at the American Music Awards in the year 2000 as well as Best Female Group at the 2001 BET Awards.

At the first annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards in 1997, the girl group was honored for their debut album, titled No Doubt, with the award for Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year. Irish and Lemisha were able to get back together in May 2021 when they were cast on the same episode of The Encore on BET.


Q: When did Irish Grinstead die?

Irish Grinstead died on September 16, 2023.

Q: What happened to Irish Grinstead from 702?

A: She died as a result of kidney failure.

Q: Who broke the news of Irish Grinstead’s death?

A: Her sister, Lemisha Grinstead, posted about her death on social media.

Q: Did Irish Grinstead’s twin sister have the same illness?

A: Yes, Irish’s twin, Irish Grinstead, died of kidney failure in 2008.


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