Tanner Ching Car Accident: Pierson MI, 22-Year-Old Teenager Died in a Car Crash

Tanner Ching, a 22-year-old Pierson, Michigan native, was sadly killed in an automobile accident in Mio on Thursday, September 14, 2023. He was a nature lover, an avid fisherman, and a hardworking, honest man who was adored by those who knew him.

He had a tremendous affection for pets and treasured his friendships. His unexpected death has left his family and loved ones in deep grief. Tanner received his education at Alpena Community College and graduated from Tri-County High School. He was from Pierson, Michigan.

Tanner’s passion for fishing and connection to nature were defining features of his life. He was well-known for his hard work and honesty. He had a special fondness for pets and valued his friendships. His untimely death has left his family and loved ones in mourning at the loss of such a nice and cherished guy.

Tanner Ching Car Accident

Tanner Ching, a 22-year-old Pierson, Michigan native, was sadly killed in an automobile accident on Thursday, September 14, 2023, in Mio, Michigan. After being pulled over on Thompson Road in Big Creek Township by deputies from the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Office, Tanner’s vehicle was involved in a collision shortly afterward with another vehicle and person.

They were operating a pickup truck at the time of the accident, which resulted in the vehicle veering off the road, colliding with many trees, and ultimately flipping over before coming to a stop.

Tanner Ching Car Accident
Tanner Ching Car Accident (Source: Facebook)


Tanner, the passenger in the vehicle, could not survive his injuries and passed away as a result, despite the efforts of the first responders who arrived at the scene of the accident. The driver of the vehicle, Hunter Hengesbach, who was originally from Westphalia, was taken into custody by the authorities. The authorities speculate that the victim may have been driving at an unsafely high speed while under the influence of alcohol.

Investigations into the events leading up to the collision are now taking place; additional details will be provided as they become available. Tanner Ching’s untimely passing has brought his family and the community he lived in into a state of mourning over the loss of a young life.

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Tanner Ching Obituary and Funeral Service

The official obituary for the late Tanner Ching, as well as the funeral preparations, have not been made public as of the current moment. It is of the utmost importance that we address the issue with understanding and profound sympathy for the family that has lost a loved one while we are going through this difficult and sad period.

Tanner Ching Car Accident
Tanner Ching Car Accident

Let us honor Tanner’s life by expressing our deepest regrets and sympathies to those he leaves behind as a way of paying our respects to his memory. I pray that he is at rest for all of eternity and that his loved ones and friends can find comfort and consolation in the reassuring embrace of our thoughts and prayers.

Throughout this extremely trying time, we will continue to provide Tanner and his family our undivided support and keep them near to us in our thoughts. As more information becomes available, we will continue to offer our support without wavering. Stay tuned to BLHS News for more latest updates and news.


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