Is Lexi and Andrew Dating? Enormous YouTuber’s Private Life Revealed

In the US, Lexi Rivera has a large following on social media. She is well-known for her love of fashion, gymnastics, and videography. In the previous few years, she has gained a lot of popularity on the internet. Like many well-known individuals, her love life intrigues followers.

With over 16 million followers and over 325 million likes on her videos on TikTok, Lexi is particularly well-liked there. She is also well known for being the sister of well-known TikTok influencer Brent Rivera. However, the majority of people are curious to know if Andrew and Lexi are dating.

Is Lexi and Andrew Dating?

Yes, Andrew Davila and Lexi Rivera are a couple. In the YouTube video My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” they revealed to the world that they had begun dating in 2021.

Social media celebrity Lexi Rivera is American. She is well-known on YouTube and TikTok in addition to being an actress. She is extremely wealthy and accomplished, with a $10 million net worth. She has an astounding 26.8 million followers on TikTok.

Is Lexi and Andrew Dating?
Is Lexi and Andrew Dating?

There are 14.8 million followers on her YouTube channel, and 8.2 million people follow her on Instagram. She has acted in a few productions, including “Brobot” (2018), “Date Takeover” (2019), “Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation” (2020), and “Amp World” (2020), in addition to her popularity on social media.

Additionally, she has appeared in miniseries such as “AwesomenessTV – Worlds Most Searched” (2020) and “VS Couple Ships” (2019). Rivera, Lexi uploaded a sexy photo of herself to her Instagram story:


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Who is Andrew Davila?

Online, Andrew Davila enjoys a lot of popularity. In 2014, he rose to fame on Instagram. On June 26, 2000, he was born in Texas, USA. Karla Davila is his mother, and not much is known about his father.

He has a family with a younger brother and sister, thus he is not the lone child. Andrew is fluent in Spanish and comes from a Mexican household. In his spare time, he likes to play basketball and soccer in addition to using social media. See the post below:


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Lexi Rivera Ex-Boyfriend

When Ben Azelart and Lexi joined the creator-focused Amp Studios in 2017, they got to know one another. It’s interesting to note that despite not speaking for almost six months after their initial encounter, they sensed a connection. They formally began dating in 2018.

They frequently appeared in each other’s social media posts and Brent Rivera videos between 2018 and 2020. They did, however, announce their breakup in a video that Lexi uploaded to YouTube in November 2020 titled “We Broke Up.”

They revealed that when they weren’t feeling the same behind the scenes, it got difficult for them to appear joyful together on camera. They disclosed that they had decided to end their relationship amicably and without any fanfare.

Ben and Lexi stated that they had grown from their early dating days, even though they were still relatively young at the time. They felt they missed out on the opportunity to experience independent adulthood and thought they were better off as friends.

It’s interesting to note that during their relationship, they vowed to stay friends even after splitting. They even hinted that they would think about dating again in the future if the time was perfect. For further information, you can view the video where they discuss their breakup.

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Who is Ben Azelart?

Born in Texas, USA on January 10, 2002, Ben Azelart later moved to Hawaii as a young child. At the age of eight, he developed an interest in skateboarding and began participating in regional skate events.

Ben Azelart is now a well-known social media influencer, skateboarder, and content developer. He has 4 million YouTube subscribers, 3 million Instagram followers, and over 15 million TikTok followers.

He’s well-known for his amazing skating abilities, and he posts entertaining videos of himself doing incredible tricks on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

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