Jersey City Car Accident Today: Behind the Tragic Headlines!

Jersey City Car Accident Today: A multi-vehicle accident in Jersey City on Monday morning resulted in at least three fatalities, and a fourth lady is in critical condition.

Details of the Accident

Eyewitness News has uncovered that the route has a lengthy history of fatal collisions, and locals are wondering why more isn’t being done. Just after 2:30 a.m., according to authorities, two vehicles crashed on Paterson Plank Road near Congress Street.

According to police, a BMW SUV looked to have struck a Kia Amanti head-on at the crossroads, pushing the sedan up against the wall. Dylan Weidenfeld, 26, of Jersey City, the Kia’s driver, was pronounced dead at the site.

Weidenfeld, an actor and Plays-in-the-Park’s artistic director, issued the following statement:

“Dylan was a wonderful singer, actor and most of all friend to all of us at Plays-in-the-Park. We loved having him on our stage and in our midst and we, as well as the entire theatre community in Middlesex County and beyond, will miss him terribly. Our collective hearts are breaking at the news of this loss. “

There were five occupants in the BMW at the time of the collision. A male backseat passenger was taken to Jersey City Medical Center where he was later declared deceased, while a female backseat passenger was declared dead at the site. Their names have not yet been made public.

At Jersey City Medical Center, a 19-year-old female passenger in the third backseat is still in severe condition. Both the front-seat female passenger and the BMW’s male driver, both 23-year-old residents of Jersey City, sustained injuries that are not thought to be life-threatening.

Jersey City Car Accident Today
Jersey City Car Accident Today

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Concerns About Road Safety

There have been eight fatalities in the past seven years on a particular stretch of Paterson Plank Road, which has a hill with a blind turn.

Through the Local Safety Program of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Hudson County was given more than $53.3 million in federal cash to upgrade the county’s infrastructure. This also includes a $12 million award to Hudson County for enhancements to Paterson Plank Road’s safety.

Rumble strips running along the middle of the road, rumble strips across the lane before the curve, high friction surface treatment, and slow 25 mph signs are among the improvements that have already been made to Paterson Plank Road.

The statement from Safe Streets Jersey City reads as follows:

“Horrific fatal crashes like this should never happen on a 25 mph road. Hudson County was awarded a $12 million grant to add safety improvements to this stretch after a 2020 study indicated a high rate of crashes compared to other county roads, while cyclists and pedestrians were at a particularly high risk of severe injury or death on Paterson Plank Road. The safety improvements remain incomplete, and now three lives have been lost. The situation on our streets is urgent. Safe streets advocates have been clamoring for changes on high-injury streets for years. How many more lives need to be lost or forever changed before that sense of urgency is realized by our leaders at every level of government?”

The county established the Vision Zero task force in August to search for methods to reduce traffic accidents, and Paterson Plank Road is well-known to those who promote traffic safety.

Installing a median to help prevent head-on collisions is one solution under consideration. Since not everyone agrees on the best way to make the road safer, the task group is open to suggestions from the community.

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