Judge Gives Green Light for Videotaped Recreation of Parkland School Sh00ting

A judge supervising a civil action filed by the families of some of the Parkland school sh00ting victims has agreed to enable videotaped re-enactments of the atrocity to take place.

Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips said on Wednesday that she would authorize lawyers for the victim’s families and the former school resource deputy they accuse of carelessness to do the reenactments with blank ammo.

The re-enactments at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s 1200 building could occur within the next month.

The victims’ families accuse ex-deputy Scot Peterson and the Broward Sheriff’s Office of failing to protect them and their loved ones during the Feb. 14, 2018 massacre at the school, which resulted in 17 deαths and 17 injuries.

On June 29, Peterson was acquitted of seven counts of felony child neglect and other charges linked to the case in a criminal trial. He’d arrived at the 1200 building with his rifle drawn but had backed away because he couldn’t identify where the gunshots were coming from.

Judge Gives Green Light for Videotaped Recreation of Parkland School Sh00ting

The victims want the videotaped re-enactments so that jurors in the civil trial will believe Peterson knew where the gunshot was coming from and should have addressed the perpetrator.

According to Peterson’s counsel, the plaintiffs attempt to create a self-serving documentary. Family members have spent several days visiting the 1200 building for the first time since the sh00ting.

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Judge Phillips has not ruled whether the films can be used in court, but she has permitted both sides to hold their own protests.

The surrounding communities will be advised that simulated gunshots may be heard nearby during the re-enactments. If the re-enactments take place, the 1200 buildings will be razed.

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