Timberview High School Sh00ting Case to Commence Monday!

On Monday, the trial of the suspected Timberview High School sh00ter will begin with opening statements.

In connection with the incident on Oct. 6, 2021, Timothy Simpkins, 18, is charged with three counts of attempted m*rder, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of unauthorized carrying of a firearm in a forbidden area. On February 11, 2022, a Tarrant County Grand Jury indicted Simkins.

The shooting injured four persons, including two teachers and two students. Zaccheus Selby, 15, was seriously wounded but survived. A bullet grazed another pupil, and a teacher was shot. In the unrest that followed the incident, a pregnant second teacher was hurt.

According to police, Zaccheus and Simpkins got into a violent altercation in a classroom. Others attempted to break up the brawl before Simpkins took a revolver from his rucksack and shot Zaccheus many times.

Timberview High School Sh00ting Case to Commence Monday

Simpkins’ family alleged the senior at Mansfield ISD was bullied. Police claimed they were looking into the claims, but the Arlington police chief stated that he did not believe bullying played a factor in the sh00ting.

Arlington PD searched Simpkins’ home with an entire SWAT team and stated a 45-caliber weapon used in the shooting was discovered near the school. Simpkins’ family attorney went forward, claiming that his client had been brutally bullied in the days leading up to the sh00ting.

Attorney Sean Colston, who is not involved in the case, provided insight into how Simpkins’ accusation of bullying could be utilized as a defense.

“It just depends on the types of facts the defense presents to determine whether a jury is likely to find self-defense in any particular case,” he explained.

Given the emotional context surrounding school sh00tings nationwide and bullying, Colston believes it might be a slippery slope for the state and defense if confirmed.

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Colson further claims that the case could test a person’s right under the second amendment to use lethal force to defend oneself if they believe their life is in danger.

“You’re going to have to try to isolate those other cases that have happened and have been high profile with high publicity and, number one, see if you can get the jury to focus on the particular facts and circumstances of this case,” he explained.

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