Judge Rules Hendon House Residents Must Vacate Premises in 3 Weeks

A county judge ruled on Friday that the inhabitants of Portland’s infamous Hendon house at 2723 North Houghton Street have less than a month to go.

The decision comes after a lengthy investigation by KOIN 6 that revealed unsettling and hazardous activity spilling out of the residence in the Kenton area, including illegal substances, assaults, theft, and even shootings.

The Hendon family has a long criminal past that has resulted in years of problems at home. Police in Portland declared the property a chronic nuisance.

Judge Rules Hendon House Residents Must Vacate Premises in 3 Weeks

In August, one of the family members elected to probate her late mother’s house, which means she and her siblings will divide the property’s assets and relocate.

The siblings who refused to relocate appeared in court today to respond. One said he should be allowed to stay because he is completely mentally and physically impaired, but the judge told them they had three weeks to depart. During this period, the Portland Police Bureau told KOIN 6 that they wanted to enhance patrols in the area.

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