Suspected Culprit Plot To Harm 50 Heritage Middle School Students

The threat of a shooting at Heritage Middle School in Horace scared everyone involved, and court records are now shedding light on what exactly happened leading up to the incident.

James P. Donnelly, 35, was detained Thursday morning at the “Roadway Inn” on University Dr. in Fargo. Donnelly is now facing two felony terrorizing counts in connection with the threat.

The threat was reported around 7:53 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 28, and was handled by a West Fargo School Resource Officer.

Cass County Deputies in the Horace area, together with the West Fargo School Resource Officer, promptly responded to the school to offer protection.

Suspected Culprit Plot To Harm 50 Heritage Middle School Students

In addition to Horace Middle School, deputies from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to other remote Cass County schools as a precaution and to increase visibility. These extra measures were in place until Donnelly was apprehended.

Donnelly told authorities that a frequency asked him to shoot up a Horace middle school to get a student out of a trapped parallel dimension. He stated he was informed he needed to kill 50 pupils in order to access the link.

Donnelly has been receiving transmissions for 9 months asking if he wants to have s*x with babies or manipulate mass shootings. The frequency informed him on Monday that the location was Heritage Middle School.

Donnelly claimed that he was told by the frequency that someone would provide him with the guns when he arrived and that the only reason they would provide them to him was because he acknowledged wanting to do something dark or have s*x with youngsters.

Donnelly informed the sergeant who was interviewing him that the man who was meant to give the firearms was someone Donnelly had known for a long time, dating back to when he was eight years old.

Donnelly was difficult to follow at times and appeared to be suffering from sort of mental health issues, as he appeared very paranoid, and many of his statements regarding his concerns did not seem logical.

Suspected Culprit Plot to Harm 50 Heritage Middle School Students

He will be subjected to a psychological evaluation, despite the fact that Donnelly recently received a “100% clean bill of psych health” from Essentia Health.

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, Donnelly received a separate terrorizing charge for threatening to hurt his neighbor, less than a week before this threat. Police were called to an apartment for a complaint of a disturbance.

When the officer arrived, the woman was clutching a huge kitchen knife and appeared terrified, her voice shaking, according to court documents.

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Officers were told by the woman that an upstairs neighbor, identified as James Donnelly, had kicked through the door to a shared space. When she went to investigate what was going on, Donnelly began yelling at her and the lady claims he threatened to kill her.

When authorities attempted to contact Donnelly, he allegedly yelled at them to leave and repeatedly refused to talk with them. His arrest has been warranted.

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