Judge Rules Noblesville School Shooter To Remain In Custody

The former pupil who opened fire at a Noblesville middle school in 2018 will remain in custody after a corrections officer said he “fist-bumped” her breast while he was about to receive a supervised release from juvenile detention.

The former pupil, who was 13 at the time of the incident, had been detained since May 25, 2018, when he first started firing at Noblesville West Middle School.

He also wounded a 13-year-old pupil and the science instructor for the seventh grade. The teacher, Jason Seaman, ended the shooting by tackling the shooter and pinning him to the ground.

The student, Ella Whistler, was shot seven times while Seaman was struck three times. There was no fatality.

Judge Rules Noblesville School Shooter To Remain In Custody

According to the shooter’s attorney Ben Jaffe, the shooter was supposed to be released on home detention with GPS tracking after turning 18 and remain there until turning 21.

The gunman, however, will now be remanded to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center after the prison employee testified about the fist bump incident. Additionally, he is awaiting a psychological evaluation.

“It does cause me much more concern today about the safety of the public and the community, “ The gunman displayed a “lack of maturity and a lack of understanding of all of the things that I’d hoped that you would learn,” Hamilton Circuit Judge Paul A. Felix said on Thursday.

At the hearing, the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility staffer claimed that while the shooter was in her office asking about the commissary, he twice “fist-bumped” her breast.

She claimed that while she didn’t think it was a sexual act, she still thought it was improper and ran the risk of upsetting the hierarchy of power between the prison guards and the inmates.

The worker responded, “Violated,” when asked by the prosecution how the incident made her feel.

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Even though Jaffe said that his client’s activities were “definitely inappropriate and… definitely undermined her position,” he compared them to “goofing off.”

He begged Felix for clemency, claiming that spending more extended time in jail may hurt his chances of reintegrating into society. “There’s always going to be this lens on him,” Jaffe said.

After his conduct, the gunman, according to the prosecution, lacked empathy. They claimed his lack of sympathy indicates he is still a cause for worry.

“Was this an accident?” Barb Trathen, the chief deputy prosecutor for Hamilton County, asked the judge.
“Not even close.”

Once his psychological assessment is completed, the court will reassess the shooter’s future with the criminal justice system.

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