Lockdown At Central School As Arrests Made Outside

After arrests were made on the campus of a Glencoe middle school on Friday afternoon, the school was placed under lockdown by the Glencoe school district.

On May 19, just before 1 p.m., police apprehended five youths who were purportedly in possession of a stolen vehicle parked in front of Central School, located at 620 Greenwood Ave., next to a recess area. The arrests were made, according to the Deputy Chief of Police Andrew Perley.

Perley said the individuals were not armed when brought into custody and there was no incident.

The Record North Shore’s Twitter page posted the same incident on its account.

However, members of the Central School staff witnessed the arrests, and the school was placed in lockdown until the matter was addressed, according to Perley. The school was in session then, although students were allegedly outside during recess.

Lockdown At Central School As Arrests Made Outside

An allegation of a car being stolen in Waukegan was brought to the attention of the Glencoe Public Safety Department approximately a week ago. On Friday, officers spotted the allegedly stolen vehicle parked and empty in front of the Central School.

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Perley said officers on the scene saw five people approaching the automobile.

“Five juveniles came to the car and were trying to get inside the vehicle when officers arrested them,” he stated. “Officers took custody of the juveniles.”

After that, the school was placed in lockdown status for safety reasons.

The press statement states, “Public Safety officers and administrative staff were in constant communication throughout the incident, initiating pre-established protocols to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty and neighbors.”

According to the police, an investigation is currently taking place.

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