Manchester High School Cancels Friday Afterschool Activities Following Threat of Shooting

Following the threat of a shooting, Manchester High School and Bentley Academy in Manchester are closed on Friday. Additionally, there will be no school activities on the Manchester High School campus after school today, according to school officials.

When classes resume on Monday, all student baggage will be examined, according to school authorities, and there will be more police presence.

The high school administrator received an email early this morning that threatened a shooting at Manchester High School and specified today as the day the attack would occur, according to Superintendent Matt Geary.

Manchester High School Cancels Friday Afterschool Activities Following Threat of Shooting

Based on the threat’s nature and the moment it was discovered, school administrators chose to close the school after consulting with the Manchester Police Department.

“My top priority this morning was preventing students and staff from coming to the building and clearing staff already in the building out of MHS and Bentley,” Geary said in a statement.

He claimed that right after, authorities launched an inquiry into the threat’s origin, which is still ongoing.

Few school activities were scheduled for Friday after school at the campus, according to school officials, and a softball game that was scheduled will go place somewhere else.

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He declared that Bentley Academy and Manchester High School would reopen on Monday.

All student baggage will be checked upon entry as a precaution, and there will be more police present within the school, according to Geary.

“I understand that this remains a scary time for students, parents, and staff members who come to or send loved ones to schools every day. We continue to prioritize student and staff safety while also trying to plan for the reality that threats of this nature can come in at any time and, in addition to causing fear and anxiety,  are highly disruptive to the education of our students,” Geary said.

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