Middle School Threats Being Investigated By Jarrell Police Department

Texas’s JARRELL — After many threats at Jarrell Middle School, the Jarrell Police Department is investigating.

In a letter to parents on Friday, Jarrell ISD said it “quickly took action” after becoming aware of a verbal threat made by one of its kids. According to the district, the campus was temporarily suspended while school resource officers looked for the student.

“At this time, we have deemed the threat unfounded and are taking appropriate action as we will not tolerate this behavior,” the message said.

Additionally, during the weekend, social media threats against kids at Jarrell Middle School were made on social media.

Middle School Threats Being Investigated By Jarrell Police Department

Jarrell ISD said it aided law enforcement with the inquiry in a Sunday update. “according to policies set forth by the Texas Education Agency.”

The district also addressed rumors that a student had a gun at school on Friday. It stated that despite speaking with kids and searching the school, the Jarrell Police Department could not uncover any weapons.

“However, parents, if you have credible information about a gun given to other students to conceal and cause harm, you must report that information to law enforcement,” Superintendent Toni Hicks said.

“We’ve received similar information through anonymous alerts and have passed it along to investigators. Parental and community support is crucial in helping us handle this situation. If you see something, say something. Please report it to the authorities.”


The Jarrell Police Department is collaborating with numerous organizations, including local, state, and federal law enforcement, to investigate social media’s danger. It has been made clear to staff, parents, and students that more law enforcement personnel will be on campus during the week in the Jarrell ISD.


“Please help us in keeping our community safe by ensuring your firearms are properly secured and unable to be accessed by your children,” Jarrell Police Department said.

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“Please know that if your firearm is used in the commission of a crime due to such negligence and your lack of preventative safety precautions, we WILL hold you accountable in accordance with the law!”

Absences will be pardoned if parents choose to send their middle school students home on Monday.

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