Virginia Sheriff Reports Arrest of Kindergarten Teacher For Assaulting Student Twice At School

VA YORK COUNTY — According to representatives with the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office, 53-year-old Stacy Ames, a teacher at Yorktown Elementary School, was detained on Friday night following complaints that she had physically hurt a kid.

The school’s website states that Ames teaches kindergarten. Sheriff Ron Montgomery reported that a school resource officer was told to report to York Elementary on Friday.

After additional investigation, the sheriff reported that a 5-year-old student had been abused multiple times.

“The teacher that witnessed this, saw the teacher, Ms. Ames pick the child up by the child’s arms. The statement from the teacher said Ames threw the child about two to three feet. Now the child’s feet left the ground and the 5-year-old landed on her feet and then fell to the ground,” said Montgomery.

Deputies said that the inquiry found there to have been two separate incidences, one on March 21 and the second on March 24.

According to deputies, both occurrences were reported to the school district and the sheriff’s office on March 24.

Virginia Sheriff Reports Arrest of Kindergarten Teacher For Assaulting Student Twice At School

“Last night we interviewed the child, the child’s mother, the teacher that was involved and the witnesses. Based on the information that we were able to gather Friday, we charged the teacher with two counts of simple assault and battery,” Montgomery said.

According to deputies, Ames was taken to the Virginia Peninsula Regional Prison. According to the sheriff’s office, Ames was freed on an unsecured bond.

Administrators from York County School Division sent a message to Yorktown Elementary School families on Facebook on Saturday.

Dr. Victor Shandor, the head of the school division, issued the following statement addressing the Ames situation:

“The York County School Division and Yorktown Elementary School are committed to providing safe, secure and caring learning environments for our students. As educators, we are entrusted with the well-being of the children in our care every day. We expect our staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and any time there is a question of safety or misconduct, we immediately investigate.”

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The division and the Sheriff’s Office collaborate closely in the current inquiry. While this inquiry continues, the staff member will not be allowed on campus, and we will adhere to division regulations about their job status.

A Yorktown mother named Amber Davis was shocked at the teacher’s alleged attack on a pupil.

“We put our trust in these people to take care of our kids while we’re at work, and they’re not doing what there supposed to be doing. Something needs to be done,” said Davis.

WTKR questioned the school administration about Ames’ employment status, but they could not provide any information.

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