Nathan Finney Obituary: How Did a Chef in Bloomington Pass Away?

We regret to inform you of the untimely death of restaurateur Nathan Finney of Bloomington. His friends and family were heartbroken by his passing. You will find all the details of his passing in this post.

What is Nathan Finney’s Cause of Death?

Nathan Finney perished in a crash involving a Cirrus plane near Shelbyville on November 22, 2023. When the Cirrus SR 22T crashed on November 22, about 25 miles southeast of Indianapolis, in a cornfield near Shelbyville Municipal Airport, Finney and flying instructor Warren Bruhl were the only people on board.

Nathan Finney Obituary
Nathan Finney Obituary

The plane caught fire following the crash. Finney was learning to fly and had recently purchased the aircraft. The aeroplane took off from Monroe County Airport in Bloomington on November 22 at 4:05 p.m. The last sighting occurred near Shelbyville at 4:46 p.m.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash. An investigator will compile witness statements, aircraft track data, air traffic control records, and local surveillance footage after discovering a recording device. There will be an announcement regarding the crash report within thirty days.

Bruhl worked for Gambit Avionics. The company confirmed Bruhl’s passing yesterday in a Facebook post. They shared:

“Please bear with us as we mourn the loss of one of our own. On Wednesday, Warren was involved in a tragic accident in a Cirrus – and our hearts break for him, his family, and his friends.”

Their complete announcement of his passing is available in the post below:

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How Did Community Pay Tribute to Nathan Finney?

The Finney Hospitality Group, which Finney founded and operated, is home to the neighbourhood eateries and franchises Yogi’s, The Tap, Smokeworks, and Social Cantina. He opened Kind Car Wash in Columbus this year.

His friends and family were heartbroken by his passing. They paid their respects to him via social media posts. Brandt Finney shared:

“My entire life, Nathan has been my guide. The person I can always rely on for anything. From managing my little league team to helping me move to Denver and back to giving me advice on taking care of my son. Love you Bub.”

Niko Albanese said, “Trying to get some sleep before we leave for the next city, but another wave of grief is making it impossible. Miss you Nathan.”

Tom Brew said, “Completely devastated to hear of the passing of Bloomington’s Nathan Finney, who died in a plane crash last weekend.”

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