Newark High School Shifts To Remote Learning For The Week Following Fire Incident

A NEWARK In response to a small fire that broke out on Saturday afternoon in a classroom in the math wing of the building, Newark City Schools has announced that courses at the high school would be remote for the rest of the week, beginning Wednesday.

An industrial hygienist is testing the air quality this afternoon, focusing on the F wing, where the fire happened, and wings D and E, where there was smoke, according to a message issued to parents on Tuesday.

All HVAC filters are being changed, and ceiling tiles are being examined for odor and damage.

Before starting in-person classrooms again, the district is collaborating with the cleaning company Belfor Property Restoration to finish cleaning and evaluating those locations to guarantee student and staff safety.

The HVAC systems and all surfaces are included in this. To resume regular school activities as soon as possible, they will decide regarding next week by Friday at noon.

Newark High School Shifts To Remote Learning For The Week Following Fire Incident

This Wednesday at 7:30 am, teachers will publish assignments on Google Classroom for students to complete. During the school day, teachers will also keep an eye on email and Google Classroom in case any kids have questions.

Classes will be held via Zoom on Thursday and Friday according to their regular bell schedules. Google Classrooms will post Zoom codes. Bell Schedule for 2022–2023

The Hub, K Building, Gym, and Commons will all be open as usual. Right now, the rest of the structure is off-limits. During regular business hours, students can stop by the school office to pick up any required gadgets.

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Students can pick up breakfast and lunch from the Commons area during the next three days between 8 a.m. and noon.

The district called off Monday and Tuesday school on Sunday. The fire, which was restricted to a single classroom, is thought to have been caused by an electrical problem. Several parts of the F wing have also sustained smoke and water damage. According to the district, other campus wings of the building were not harmed.

The new date for the ACT exam is March 14. The Division I sectional wrestling match, which was going on in the high school gym, was slightly delayed on Saturday due to the fire.

The high school’s gym is situated somewhere else on the campus. The fire had no adverse effects or injuries to students, personnel, or visitors.

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