From Hospital To Prom: Inspirational Lee County High School Students Make Memories

LEESBURG, Georgia – After overcoming their own physical challenges, two Lee County high school students could attend prom.

Due to missing too many school days, Matthew English and Collier Savelle were denied permission to attend prom by the principal of Lee County High School. Because of personal medical issues, both English and Savelle missed several school days.

WALB News 10 posted a youtube video in which 2 Lee County School Students attend prom despite medical battles.

English was diagnosed with epithelioid sarcoma, a rare cancer that begins as a cell growth in soft tissue.

In February, his arm was removed due to cancer.

From Hospital To Prom: Inspirational Lee County High School Students Make Memories

“I just do on my normal routine and I try not to think about how I’m doing all that stuff,” Matthew said.

English received an undisclosed sum of money from Cancer Ties, which will be used to fund his prosthetic arm. English is currently undergoing prosthetic arm fittings. Carrie Hutchinson, Executive Director of Cancer Ties, considers the English family a second family.

“It just felt wrong going from celebrating Matthew with the struggles that he’s gone through to almost feeling like a punishment. From just getting to experience something that everybody gets to experience,” Hutchinson said.

WALB News 10 Shared a tweet of 2 lee county school students attending prom despite medical battles. You can read it below.

In the days leading up to prom, students and parents in Lee County used social media to pressure the school.

The school changed its mind in the final hours leading up to the prom. There has been no word back from Lee County High School yet.

“I’m very excited for him. All of our family just texting in the group so excited. We’re happy for him because we knew that’s a big step for him,”  Ronnie English, Matthew’s mom, stated.

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Chandler, Matthew’s brother, thinks prom was a turning point for Matthew as he adjusts to his new routine. Even when Matthew is absent from school, his mother has seen his buddies return to show their support.

The community rallied around and… We’re just blessed. We were very happy he was able to go. It made it a very happy Mother’s Day,” Ronnie said.

Matthew stated that he had a good time at prom. He intends to return to school for his senior year. The Savelle family declined to comment.

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