Israeli Fatally Shot, Another Person Injured in Incident Near Hebron

In a gun attack on a car on Route 60 near Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank, an Israeli woman was killed, and a man was critically injured.

Israeli first responders and soldiers performed CPR on the scene but could not recover a 40-year-old lady who has yet to be recognized. The woman’s daughter, a small child, was unharmed at the scene.

Another Israeli, a 39-year-old male driving the woman and her daughter, has been taken to the trauma ward of Soroka Hospital in Bir Sheva in critical condition. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being briefed on the attack and the manhunt for the culprit.

As it hunted for the culprit, the Israeli army built barricades in the region and shut down Hebron completely. The attackers fired 25 rounds, 22 of which struck the settlers’ car. Over 30 Israelis have been killed this year.

The principal north-south artery through the occupied West Bank is Route 60. Many far-right religious settlers live in illegal settlements in Hebron, a violent hotspot.

This comes after another shooting attack in the West Bank last week, which killed two Israelis. That incident occurred in Huwara, south of Nablus, and was allegedly carried out by a Palestinian attacker.

“We’re getting reports of a pretty major military operation to try to find the shooter or shooters in the Huwara incident,” Fawcett said from West Jerusalem.

Israeli Fatally Shot, Another Person Injured in Incident Near Hebron

This year has seen the most bloodshed in the occupied West Bank in nearly two decades, with the Israeli army conducting multiple high-profile incursions into Palestinian refugee camps.

“Over 180 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli raids this year,” Fawcett stated, referring to the current year. “There has also been an increase in settler attacks on Palestinian communities, as well as an increase in Palestinian attacks against Israelis.”

A Tweet posted by the official account of BBC News. You can also find out more information by reading below tweet:-

In a press release, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group declared that the shooting is “a natural and legitimate response to the crimes of the occupation and its settlers’ aggression against our people.”

The operation in Hebron “comes within its natural context in confronting the religious war against our sanctuaries.” Despite the occupation’s posture of security alert, the [Palestinian] resistance can attack anywhere and at any moment.”

Meanwhile, one Israeli soldier was injured in a separate incident when an explosive device burst near an Israeli military vehicle near Lake Tiberias in the southern occupied Syrian Golan Heights region.

In another development, the Israeli army reported that Iron Dome intercepted two missiles fired from Gaza.

This comes a day after the Israeli military said it shot down a Gaza drone over the Alumim settlements.

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