Ripley Student Who Brought Gun To School By Mistake Permitted To Return To School Premises

RIPLEY, W.Va. — A Ripley student who unintentionally brought a gun onto campus and nearly lost his place in the school is now permitted to return.

When a gun was discovered in the car Riley Knotts, 18, shares with the car’s owner while it was parked at the school, Riley Knotts was detained.

“It was raining, it was cold, and anyway, they forgot to get the gun out of the glovebox; the glovebox was locked, and I guess the clip was maybe under the seat, and the truck was locked up, but I guess somebody called in on him,” family friend Cerbby Price said.

Ripley Student Who Brought Gun To School By Mistake Permitted To Return To School Premises

However, according to the police, no charges would be brought against the student. People who have met Knotts in person claim he wouldn’t harm a fly.

“I just don’t know why something like this could happen to him,” friend Breona Anderson said.

According to Knotts, the Jackson County Board of Education decided Tuesday night to let him return to school grounds starting Monday.

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“I’m very concerned with some of the comments that were received from Facebook and the misinformation out there; that’s what caused a lot of this Riley, and I have been in constant communication throughout the entire process, and I’m just very disappointed in a lot of people that I thought I knew that made comments and did not let the process work,” superintendent Will Hosaflook said.

Police in Ripley declared they would not press charges against Knotts for unintentionally entering the school’s parking lot with a rifle on April 17. According to them, Knotts was unaware the pistol was in the car he used to travel in with his grandfather.

“I do hope we can look at Riley’s character and the community because nobody thinks he was a threat, and I also hope we can do right by Riley,” youth pastor Joey Beane said.

Riley is silent, having only one thing to say.

“We will see you all in school on Monday, “ He addressed a group of supporters on Tuesday night.

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