San Francisco Homes Flooded And Sinkhole Formed Due to Water Main Break

A water main break in San Francisco inundated residences and opened up a large sinkhole. The event along Fillmore and Green streets damaged critical infrastructure as well as homes and businesses, raising fears about a vulnerable gas line.

Repairs were halted later in the afternoon after PG&E employees arrived on the scene to isolate a gas main inside the construction area. After PG&E concluded, SFPUC personnel commenced water main repair work.

The strong water pressure then began cutting away sand and dirt surrounding the crack in the pavement. Water ran down Fillmore Street for at least four blocks.

People are being requested to stay away from the area while crews continue to make emergency repairs to the sinkhole. Residents who live near the sinkhole, on the other hand, have few options.

San Francisco Homes Flooded And Sinkhole Formed Due to Water Main Break

According to a spokesman from ServiceMaster, an emergency cleanup organization, the sand and water destroyed or impacted at least 115 homes or businesses.

City workers spent the majority of Monday morning sweeping mud and sand from the streets.

Flooding caused pieces of Fillmore Street to buckle, in addition to the sinkhole. You can see how water from the main break, seemingly carved out the dirt surrounding a manhole, causing the pavement surrounding it to collapse.

San Francisco Homes Flooded And Sinkhole Formed Due to Water Main Break

PG&E personnel were digging their own holes to inspect the integrity of the nearby gas pipe. The PG&E pipe is a pipe that is part of an infrastructure system that is in the general area and could be damaged. The San Francisco

The Fire Department is on the site as a precautionary measure, according to Capt. Jonathan Baxter of the San Francisco Fire Department.

A water main break caused this massive sinkhole at Fillmore and Green Streets. Crews from multiple agencies are on the scene assessing the damage.

According to SFPUC spokesperson Joseph Sweiss, technicians are actively working to fix the city’s outdated water lines, but they were unable to reach the broken one.

PUC crews work to replace about nine miles of these sometimes century-old pipes proactively each year, but leaks still occur in the city.

Here are some latest news:-

Parts of the Fillmore Street pavement between Green and Union Streets have also buckled. Currently, crews are cleaning truckloads of soil that have been forced out from beneath the pavement and onto the surface.

The SF Water Power Sewer Twitter account stated on Monday, 11, September, 2023 morning that “a 16-inch water main break was reported at Union and Fillmore Streets” on Sunday soon before midnight.

Muni is replacing trolley buses with motor coaches, which may cause incoming delays near UCSF. City workers are on the scene and are reaching out to businesses and residents affected by the water main break.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who represents the neighborhood, said on social media Tuesday morning that crews were still on the site.

“SFPUC informed my office that they have cleared the scene and that it will take several days to repair the street,” her post read.

Stefani also stated that if residents or businesses have been impacted and require assistance, they should contact her office.

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