Shawn Coon Cause of Death: Vice President’s Tragic End!

Shawn Coon, who was the cherished husband of Lynae Coon, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, due to a sudden brain aneurysm. This unexpected loss has left his wife, Lynae, and their two lovely children in deep sorrow.

Who was Shawn Coon?

Shawn Coon worked as the Vice President at Coon Restoration & Sealants, showing his strong dedication to his job. He went to school at Ohio University, where he likely learned many things. Besides his work, Shawn was a family man.  He shared his life with his wonderful wife, Lynae, and their two adorable boys, who are 3 and 5 years old.

Shawn was known not only for his hard work at the office but also for his ability to face challenges with strength and his genuine care for those around him, whether they were friends or colleagues. Shawn’s kindness and warmth touched the hearts of many people, making him loved and respected by everyone he knew.

Who was Shawn Coon?
Who was Shawn Coon?

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Shawn Coon Cause of Death

Shawn Coon, who was Lynae Coon’s beloved husband, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, because of a surprise problem in his brain called an aneurysm. This unexpected sad event has made his wife, Lynae, and their two wonderful children very sad.

Shawn Coon died of a brain tumor, according to news from people who knew him well. This sudden, terrible health problem took his life quickly, leaving his family, friends, and community in deep grief.

Kellie Mathie

So i wanted to answer all the emails and texts, but it is just simplier to let you all know, my brother Steves son, Shawn Coon has suffered a brain aneurysm. He will leave two boys, 3&5 and his beautiful wife Lynae. To say the least the whole family is absolutely devastated and sure could use all the extra extra prayers you could spare! From disbelief to not excepting the unbearable truths today has been hell! The support from all of my nieces and nephews for their cousins has been outstanding! It just isnt supposed to be like this…I pray God sends his angels to surround them all with love and comfort them in the Name of Jesus Christ! Plz help us all🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Shawn Coon’s Obituary

Right now, Shawn Coon’s family is giving themselves time to deal with their sadness. They will let everyone know about his obituary and the plans for his funeral later when they are ready.

It’s important to be understanding and let them heal during this tough time. When they are ready, they will share the information about Shawn’s funeral for those who want to say goodbye and show their respect.


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