Kimbo Slice Cause of Death: The Final Battle!

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death: People are still curious about what happened to Kimbo Slice, even though it’s been a while since he passed away.

Kimbo Slice was known for his fighting skills in MMA (mixed martial arts) and boxing. People want to know the details of his death and what led to it.

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death

Kevin Ferguson, who was known as Kimbo Slice, died on June 6, 2016, when he was 42 years old. He died of heart failure. He had gone to a hospital in Margate, Florida, the day before he died to get care for his health. Fans of his and people who follow combat sports were shocked by how quickly and unexpectedly he died.

When Kimbo Slice died, plans were being made to get him to the Cleveland Clinic, where he would have been waiting for a heart transplant. It was shocking how quickly his health got worse, but it wasn’t a surprise that he had health problems tied to his heart. Kimbo had high blood pressure and had been taking medicine for it for a number of years.

As his health got worse, the people in his home worried more and more about him. In the last stages of his life, before he died, people worried about how bad his health was. In May 1994, Kimbo Slice married L. Shontae.

Together, they had three children: RaeChelle, Kevin II, and Kevinah. They also have a granddaughter named Isis and three grandsons named Kevin III, Akieno, and Kimbo-Legacy.

One of Kimbo’s children, Kevin Jr., did what his father did and went into mixed martial arts. Kimbo Slice also had a boy named Kevlar and a daughter named Kassandra who were not with L. Shontae. He had two stepdaughters, Rae’Chelle and Kiara, from his first marriage. Before he died, Kimbo liked to spend time with his children K3 and JuJu (Akieno).

It’s important to note that Kimbo-heritage and Isis were born after Kimbo Slice died, which shows that the family keeps growing and leaving a heritage. Kimbo was engaged to his long-time girlfriend at the time of his death. She had been with him on his journey and helped him throughout his work.

His mother said,

“It hurt so much because I watched him for, I’m gonna say a good month, slowly, really getting to the point of his heart getting bad,” says Antoinette Ferguson, Slice’s wife. “I watched him go through it. And I guess, the reason why it was so hard for me was because he still fought. He still continued, even at the end, ‘I’m fighting my next fight.’ He was like, ‘I’m going to get up out of this hospital and I’m going to fight.'”

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How Street Fighter Turned MMA Sensation?

Kimbo Slice was a fighter from the United States. His real name was Kevin Ferguson. He was born in the Bahamas on February 8, 1974, but later went to the US. Kimbo had different jobs before he became known for fighting, like being a guard and keeping people safe.

The street fights Kimbo got into made him famous. People watched these fights because they were taped and put on the internet. They showed that he was tough and strong.

These vids got a lot of views on YouTube. Kimbo started doing mixed martial arts (MMA) fights for money in 2007. He fought for companies like EliteXC, Strikeforce, and Bellator. He wasn’t known for his fancy moves, but he had a strong punch and liked to stand and fight.

Some people said he didn’t have many technical skills, but his exciting fighting style won him a lot of friends. Kimbo tried boxing as well as mixed martial arts. He had his first professional boxing match in 2011, and he won the first seven by knocking out his opponents.

His fighting career didn’t last long, though, because he died suddenly of a heart problem on June 6, 2016, at the age of 42. Kimbo Slice had a big effect on combat sports, not only because of his fights but also because of the street-fighting videos that made him popular.

Even though he only fought professionally for a short time, he was a well-known figure in the world of combat sports because of his attitude and exciting way of fighting.

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