Theo Von Parents: Meet his Mom and Dad!

Theo Von is a famous comedian, podcaster, and actor known for his clever and funny takes on life and people. He hosts the This Past Weekend podcast and used to co-host The King and the Sting podcast.

You might have seen him on TV shows like Last Comic Standing, Reality Bites Back, Deal With It, and Inside Amy Schumer. But what’s really interesting is his family story and how it influenced his comedy.


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Meet Theo Von Dad

Theo was born in 1980 in Covington, Louisiana, to Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. His dad was quite a character, a Polish-Nicaraguan who moved to the US in 1922.

He did all kinds of things, from farming mahogany to being a philanthropist and a friend of Harry Connick Sr. (the dad of actor Harry Connick Jr.).

What’s really unique is that his dad was really, really old when Theo was born, like 70 years old! Theo makes lots of jokes about it, saying his dad had polio twice or had a pet dinosaur.

He even jokes that his dad looked like a Civil War veteran or a haunted house owner. Sadly, his dad passed away in 1996 when Theo was 16, and he didn’t get to know him well, but he learned some important lessons from him.

Meet Theo Von Mom

Theo’s mom, Gina Capitani, is Irish-Italian. She met Roland at work and became his fourth wife, even though she was 32 years younger. She gave birth to Theo when she was 25 and had three other kids with Roland.

Gina mostly raised Theo and his siblings on her own because Roland was busy with work and charity stuff. She was a loving mom who encouraged Theo to chase his dream of being a comedian and had a good sense of humor herself. She’s still around in Louisiana, super proud of her son’s success.

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How Theo Von’s Unusual Family Shaped His Comedy?

Theo’s parents had a big impact on his comedy. He grew up with a really old dad and a young mom, which made his perspective on life and relationships different and funny.

He used humor and creativity to deal with the strange things happening around him. His parents also took him to different countries like Nicaragua, Italy, France, and England, so he got to learn about different cultures and cool things.

Theo’s comedy is all about being himself and talking about his own life, thoughts, and feelings. He doesn’t try to be like anyone else; he’s just himself, and that’s what makes him funny.

Final Words

So, Theo Von’s comedy success is partly thanks to his parents: Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr., the old guy from Poland and Nicaragua, and Gina Capitani, the young lady from Ireland and Italy. They helped make him the funny and real comedian we love today.


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