Woman Pleads Guilty In School Recording Devices Case, Prosecutors Report

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. – A woman pleaded guilty on Wednesday, June 21, about the 2022 case of recording devices found on school grounds in Livingston Parish, as confirmed by the 21st Judicial District Attorney.

The case involved the discovery of the devices on school property.

The woman, Amanda Carter, aged 39, allegedly pleaded guilty to one count of a misdemeanour charge of illegal wiretapping, as stated by prosecutors.

Woman Pleads Guilty In School Recording Devices Case, Prosecutors Report

In addition, she was given a penalty that required her to serve two years of probation, pay fines of approximately $300, and be prohibited from sending recording devices to any school buildings inside Livingston Parish.

According to the prosecution’s allegations, Carter was reportedly arrested on November 6, 2022, for secretly filming two groups of individuals without their permission.

As per the prosecution, Carter stated that she attached recording devices to her child’s wheelchair, who has special needs, out of concern for the child’s health and safety.

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As stated by prosecutors, a recording was made on October 6, 2022, while the wheelchair was in the school coach’s office.

Based on additional information provided by the prosecutors, it was revealed that the child was not sitting in a chair while recording the video.

Authorities allege that Carter shared an audio recording of a conversation between school coaches on social media. They further clarified that the recording did not pertain to her child.

The prosecuting authorities reportedly took the recording equipment into custody on November 4th, 2022.

The prosecution states that Carter requested the school to return the equipment and filed a complaint with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

While submitting the complaint with the LPSO, Carter allegedly played an additional recording and claimed that someone suggested they had to body-slam someone on the recording. Prosecutors have stated that this claim is valid.

Prosecutors stated that Carter had already been served with a cease and desist letter from the Livingston Parish School Board before she filed the lawsuit that she filed.

The prosecutors stated that the cease and desist letter explicitly requested Carter to refrain from bringing recording equipment to school.

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