Xana Kernodle Obituary: Just What Took Place With Her?

Born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on July 5, 2002, Xana Kernodle tragically passed away on November 13, 2022, at the age of 20. Born and raised in Post Falls, Idaho, she excelled in several areas from an early age. She was a gifted gymnast when she was younger.

She went on to play soccer, volleyball, and track at Post Falls Middle and High Schools. She worked part-time at Texas Roadhouse and kept herself occupied with a variety of activities. She enrolled at the University of Idaho to study marketing after graduating in 2020.

She was a member of the Vandal Solutions Sales Team and the Pi Beta Phi sorority there. She was also a part-time employee of Moscow, Idaho’s Mad Greek Restaurant. Xana led an active life, participating in a variety of activities.

Xana Kernodle GoFundMe

Through a GoFundMe campaign, people banded together to support Xana’s family in the wake of the tragic incident. It demonstrated the depth of community concern and the impact Xana had on everyone’s life.

Numerous others honoured her, including her former instructor who recalled her as an excellent pupil and her Vandal Solutions colleagues who commended her for her inventiveness and vivacity.

People also spoke positively of Xana and the other impacted parties, and the Mad Greek Restaurant itself posted memories of her time working there:

Despite having a brief life, Xana made a lasting impact with her passion, commitment to work and learning, and the close relationships she developed with others around her. Stories about her and her influence on her community serve as a living tribute to her memory.

Xana Kernodle Tragic Incident

On November 13, 2022, Xana tragically lost away. Jeffrey Kernodle, her father, said she exhibited great bravery at the time. The reason it’s confusing is that no one seems to know why it happened.

Her father discussed their home’s safety precautions, which included a coded door lock. The fact that the person who injured Xana either knew the code or gained access in another way makes it strange.

Xana Kernodle Parents

Xana Kernodle Obituary
Xana Kernodle Obituary

Xana’s mother, Cara Northington, brother Elija, sister Jazzmin, and father, Jeff Kernodle, make up her family. Terrance Northington, Ryan Northington, Mike Northington, Huey Northington, and numerous other cousins survive her, along with aunts and uncles Sparky and Kim Kernodle, Elaine Wilkinson, Ken and April Kernodle, and Wayne Kernodle.

Xana Kernodle Passions and Hobbies

Xana lived a full life, doing all the things she enjoyed. She loved going to concerts and EDM music, and she was very fond of her dog, Shoeshine. Her favourite things to do were hanging out with friends, and she loved taking family vacations with her dad and sister.

She loved the times she spent by the river and on her grandparents’ property during the summers. Xana was well-known for her upbeat and gregarious demeanour. Her infectious sense of humour and enthusiasm for life left a lasting impression on everyone in her vicinity.

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Xana Kernodle Relationships and Social Media Presence

Xana was romantically involved with Ethan Chapin, an additional casualty of the unfortunate event. You can see a happy life filled with friends, love, and awesome moments on her Instagram:


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Snapshots from her travels and photos with Ethan and friends demonstrated how amazing her life was. Because of the connection, even her father saw improvements in her, stating that she assumed greater responsibility.

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