26-Year-Old M’sian Crashes Test Car Into Driving School Building During Practical Test

The driving test of a 26-year-old man recently took a turn for the worst when he accidentally crashed into the building housing his driving school while he was in the middle of his examination.

According to China Press, the terrible event took place yesterday morning, February 9, at a Nilai driving academy located in Seremban, which is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

According to reports, the student had already finished the driving theory exam, but he still needed to do well on the practical exam in order to get his driver’s license.

However, the student driver was under a lot of pressure during the test, which caused them to lose control of the school’s Perodua Axia test car. They pressed too hard on the accelerator, which caused the vehicle to crash into the administrative office of the driving academy. The student driver was not successful in passing the test.

The Nilai Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to the location of the accident after receiving a call about it.

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After assistance had come, the firefighters were able to free the 26-year-old passenger from the wreckage of the vehicle. It was said that he only sustained minor injuries as a result of the accident, but he was nevertheless sent to a hospital for treatment.

According to the reports that were found, there were not many individuals present in the building when the catastrophe occurred; as a result, there were no additional casualties reported.

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