Jacky Oh’s Parents and Her Special Bond: A Closer Look

Ms. Jacky Oh had her funeral in Atlanta this month. DC Young Fly gave a touching speech, but some people wondered if Jacky’s parents were there, although it’s unclear.

Jacky Oh, who was known from “Wild ‘N Out,” sadly passed away on May 31. She was found unresponsive in her hotel room, but we still don’t know why she passed away. Her real name was Jacklyn Smith, and she was 32 years old.

Because she was famous on social media and TV, her family decided to show the funeral on the internet so that people from all over the world could be part of it. Many people online are sending their condolences to Jacky and her family as they deal with this sad loss.

Jacky Oh’s Parents Separate When She Was a Baby

Jacky Oh has kept her childhood out of the spotlight for the most part, but she has talked about her bond with her parents.

Keith Smith gave birth to Jacky Oh on November 3, 1989, in the Bay Area. No one knows the name of her mother. Soon after Jacky Oh was born, her parents broke up.

Jacky told DJ Smallz Eyes about her missing mother:

“I don’t know what happened to her, she’s just out there.” She adds that on Mother’s Day, Jacky would make cards for her dad who took on both roles. Explaining what she knew of her mother leaving their family, Jacky told Smallz Eyes: “In the beginning, [the] first could of years she was around. Then she just gradually stopped coming to pick me up and missing her visits. Then she just stopped coming altogether.”

Jacky Oh’s Father: The Unsung Hero of Her Life

The name of Jacky Oh’s mother is still unknown, but the late influencer did talk about her father’s side of the family.

In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Jacky said that her father was her “best friend.”

“The fact that I grew up with him as a single father and didn’t have my mother around,” Jacky explained before adding that he was “being mom and dad, being both of those roles the best way he knew how to.” She also touched on “When he had girlfriends, he never let any of them act like my mom” before revealing how he always was “stepping up to the plate, being a great single father.”

Jacky Oh was brought up by her father’s family. She talked about how her father and his family are all black, while her mother’s family is all white. Jacky said this after a lot of people made assumptions about her race. She told Smallz Eyes that some commenters think Jacky is white.

DC Young Fly’s Emotional Tribute: Honoring Jacky Oh, the Best Mother

DC Young Fly, Jacky Oh’s partner, posted a heartfelt message on the internet to remember her after she passed away.

“You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW,” DC wrote in an Instagram tribute. “Your soul was beautiful Yu always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other (sic).”

“Will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were especially a GREAT MOTHER,” DC added.

DC Young Fly Instagram Post:


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Our hearts go out to Jacky Oh’s family and friends during this tough time.


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