Banks County Elementary School Principal, 2 Teachers Resign After S*xual Misconduct Investigation

Although Banks County Elementary School is a place for learning, a recent report from the Banks County Board of Education reveals that more has occurred there.

The Professional Standards Commission’s state investigators are currently looking into allegations of s*xual misconduct on the campus of the elementary school. It happened after a five-page Banks County Board of Education investigation report detailing an alleged long-term relationship between the principal and a PE instructor was made public.

Verdaillia Turner, president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers, questioned, “What were the educators thinking? Turner responds to the information provided to FOX 5. According to the study, there is photographic evidence of inappropriate sexual activity occurring on campus and proof of the relationship between PE teacher Dylan Charles and Banks County Elementary School Principal Dr. Dana Simmons.

Turner argued that it ought to have never happened. It demonstrates bad judgment, a lack of moral integrity, and a disregard for the taxpayer’s property.

According to the investigation, Charles acknowledged that he and Simmons frequently met at the school to have s*x. Simmons disputes this claim. According to school authorities, Simmons and Charles have both resigned as a result of the probe.

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Turner stated, “This is very sad; it shouldn’t have happened, and it has.” “The punishment is appropriate if the investigation was done properly.”

Dr. Ann Hopkins, the superintendent of Banks County, declined our request for an interview but issued the following statement to FOX 5 instead

“Any allegations of unethical behavior are thoroughly examined, dealt with appropriately, and, if required, submitted to the Professional Standards Commission. The District quickly recruited impartial investigators to look into the accusations and produce a report of their findings after receiving them.

Banks County Elementary School Principal, 2 Teachers Resign
Banks County Elementary School Principal, 2 Teachers Resign

Law enforcement looked over the investigative report for indications of criminal behavior, but none were discovered. The educators in question no longer work with pupils in Banks County. Our pupils’ safety and well-being are always our top priorities. There was no evidence found throughout the inquiry into this incident that the security or safety of the students was jeopardized.”

A third worker resigned on Wednesday, according to “Banks News Today.” She is known as Kelsey Charles, a third-grade instructor at the institution. She is wed to Dylan Charles, and the board of education report states that she admitted to recording s*x acts between her husband and Simmons.

Turner said, “This is just another reminder to everyone to apply common sense and obey those codes. FOX 5 contacted the parties concerned but received no response.

According to reports on both educators, the Professional Standards Commission, certifying Georgia instructors, is currently investigating. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates like this only The Express.

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