The Quincy High School Basketball Season Has Been Cancelled Due to a Reported Fight Between Athletes!

After hearing about a fight in the boys’ locker room, administrators at Quincy High School decided to cancel the last two games of the season.

Superintendent of the Quincy School District Kevin Mulvey told NBC10 Boston that the alleged fight happened between a junior and senior player in the boys’ locker room on Monday, February 13.

David Parry, who is the basketball coach at Quincy High School, said that the fight took place after school and not right before a game. Parry said that one of the students involved in the fight had quit the team in January.

Parry said that it looks like a student in the locker room took a video of the fight. He also said that he had not seen the video, so he could not say how bad the fight between the two students was.

The last game for the Quincy boys basketball team was on February 14, just one day after the fight. They didn’t know, though, that it was their last game of the season. The principal, superintendent, athletic director, and Parry all agreed to call off the last two games.

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“Violations of the Athletics code of conduct were such that the impact on the climate and culture of our athletic program and our school requires that players be held accountable. Participation in athletics is a privilege which students must earn by maintaining academic and behavioral standards,” said Quincy High School Principal Keith S. Ford in a letter to the public.

Parry told NBC10 Boston that he doesn’t do anything else at the school besides coach. He was upset to hear this because eight of the 14 players on his team are seniors.

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